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I am a 73 year old retired Psychiatric Nurse, a published poet and writer.I also dabbled into painting and appreciate what is considered good art.


 I like in depth discussion about spirituality and about the meaning of life generally. Hungary is the country of my birth, Australia is my home.

I am proud of and I love both countries differently, but with equal intensity. I have a wife (Rosalie) four children and twelve grandchildren. Although I love all of humanity, I have a special affection for my family and friends and wish them all well. In all my relationships and above all I love truth and sincerity.

I am a Bahá’í and as such I believe in the One God, the God of All Religions, peace, unity and justice.

Waging Peace.

 We are living in the age of the "instant": Instant tea, instant coffee, 2 minutes noodles, blitzkriegs, and expect lightning results. The quest for peace although earnestly pursued by countless number of man and women of good will, brought no instant solutions. The war to end all wars  (WW1) led by World War 2, even more horrible in its scope and weaponry.

One cannot help, but to feel, that the present war on terror will not bring about lasting solutions, without some other ingredients, such as the subjugation of national interests for the sake of the welfare of not only multi-national concerns, but for all humanity, rich and poor, the African, Asian, Australian, American or European, believer or non-believer, of whatever race, religion or political

Animated by such noble sentiments as equality and justice for all, freedom from tyranny and coercion, regarding every human being as members of the same family - the welfare of one is the welfare of all, the suffering of one is the suffering of all, - I believe humanity can and will arrive at the threshold of the most noble, prosperous and sustainable civilization ever dreamed of by visionaries of all ages.




I think it is time for mankind to take a look at the solutions offered by Bahá'u'lláh for the age old problems still plaguing us. It is time for the religions of the world to forgo the concept of their own exclusive monopoly to truth, go back to the fundamentals uniting them all through the recognition that there is only one God,
the God of all religions, the God of the Universe, all visible and invisible worlds.

Rather than sowing seeds of contention, we should all wage for peace. Peace will not come about by taking sides, demonstrations or good intentions alone: intentions must be followed by united and practical actions. "Salem", "shalom", "pace" and "peace should become not only be greetings without meanings, but keys survival and to a better future.

It is clear, that in too many cases, nations today continue to be motivated not by a genuine desire for world peace, but rather by prejudice and self- interest.

From The Secret of Divine Civilization:

"No nation can follow a peace policy while its neighbour remains warlike. There is no justice in that. Nobody would dream of suggesting that the peace of the world could be brought about by any such line of action. It is to be brought about by a general and comprehensive international agreement, and in no other way…"


Dancing with you....

                        I, a stranger, went to the dance,

                                  looking on

                                          with interest

                          The Hall was

                                  half an old church,

                          A crude, barn-like

                                  place the rest.

                          Built of bricks

                                  the same types

                          Both sides.



                          In the church

                                  an old priest

                          The dance

                                  he organized it:

                          There was an air of gloom

                                  and an air of hope

                          A light of half dark

                                  a dark of half light

                          Half life

                                  half freedom,

                          I went in

                                  and I looked on.



                          I went in

                                  and I glanced down

                          The church had a beauty

                                  seemed immense

                          Above me,

                                  its style

                          Gothic, a past century,

                                  the thirteenth

                          -Or was it less?

                                  I looked on

                          Not part of it,

                                  for a minute

                          I was inside,

                                  then outside

                          On a ledge.



                          It was there

                                  that I've met You:

                          I gazed upon Your Face,

                                  It was the Only One I knew

                          At the Dance.

                                  I knew I could not dance

                          Yet You've held me

                                  in Your arms:

                          Together we waltzed,

                                  we swung and we walked.



                          I led You,

                                  yet I led You not,

                          You led me,

                                  yet You led me not

                          But we danced as one...



                          As we moved my awe

                                  and my love

                          For You grew

                                  with each step:

                          I closed my eyes

                                  without weight,

                          We danced as one...


                          I've felt You

 yet I've felt you not

I've held You

yet I've held You not

We were near

          the edge of death

     and of life

          Yet I felt no fear...

I told You of my love and

 I needed no answer.



In my arms You danced,

In your arms I glided,

                               As if we left

                                  our feet and legs

                               My body had no weight:

                                  I was one with You,

                                          My body,

                                                  My Soul,

                          My love,

                                  My Beloved...





                          Geelong, 9th November, 1986.


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