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To add some more comments to what I have already written in the pilgrimage section, Les, let me say that your poetry speaks from the heart.   You are sensitive, as the House of Justice wrote back in 1988,  to: content, style, sound, tact, wisdom, timeliness and order.  You “give birth to an etiquette of expression”[1]worthy of that term 'maturity', which the Greek poet Pindar possessed, and which this age must strive to attain. 

There must be a discipline in poetry if it is to attain the status of being a“dynamic power in the arteries of life.”[2]  If one's words are to attain “the influence of spring" and cause "hearts to become fresh and verdant”, they shall have to be seen as “acceptable to fair-minded souls.”[3]  I can not make such a claim of my poetry,yet. But I can make the claim of the poetry of others, if I so desire.Whether others respond to one's poetry should not be a concern of the poet. As the years go on the response of others is less and less a concern to me.  Of course, I like to have readers and I like people to enjoy my work but, I write largely to please myself. Perhaps, it pleases my Lord.-Ron


(1) Letter from theUniversal House of Justice to the followers of Baha’u’llah in the United Statesof America, 29 December 1988.


[2]  idem

[3]  idem



married for 46 years, a teacher for 35, a writer and editor for 14, and a Baha'i for 54(n 2013)

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It has been some time since I dropped in to your site, Les. I have a new website too---a 4th edition of my site.  I find that those who come to my site are not inclined to leave comments.  We live in an audio-visual age. At least your site has lots of photos to appeal to that age.

It has been over 30 years since my wife, Chris, and I lived with you and your fmaily in Ballarat. What a lot of water under the proverbial bridge of life, eh? I'll leave a prose-poem I wrote in the last day or so.-Ron



The International Year of Astronomy was ayear-long celebration of that field of science. It took place in 2009 to coincide with the 400th anniversary of thefirst recorded astronomical observations with a telescope by Galileo and the publicationin of Johannes Kepler's Astronomia Novain the 17th century.  By 2009 I had beencollecting resources for the study of astronomy for four years.  I had only come to any degree of what youmight call a serious and systematic study of astronomy after my retirement inthe years 1999 to 2005 from a working life of FT, PT and casual-volunteer work:1955 to 2005.

So it was that yesterday evening that Igobbled-up Stephen Hawking’s Into the Universe, which premieredin the UK and the USA just over a year ago, and now on SBSONE TV. It was a coldnight and I was keeping warm in my lounge-room here in Tasmania. I’d had had along day; I had not had my daily sleep and after half an hour of this one hourprogram I was fast asleep. But I read about it the next day and here I amwriting about it and about Stephen Hawking.-Ron Price with thanks to SBSONETV,24 and 31 May and 7 and 14 June, 8:30-9:30 p.m., “Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking.”

Now in the evening of my life

& on my sleep-inducing meds

I dropped-off to my heart's ease

as Chaucer once wrote, so soft to

my eyes and the murmurer of low

and tender lullabies, as Keats once

wrote, the program not half over.


But, still, Stephen, I was able to

google the subject and this often

makes up for the loss of  a visual

stimulation/I missed the computer

generated imagery of the universe

& the symphonic orchestral music.


You’ve been going strong since ’62,

Stephen, the year you got your B.A.

and the year I started my travelling&

pioneering for the Canadian Baha’i

community in that town of Dundas

Ontario in that Golden Horseshoe!!


I’ve got to hand it to you, Stephen,

with your motor neuron disease-&

how you keep going especially since

those books you wrote beginning with

A Brief History of Time in ’881 when

the Arc Project was just getting started

in the port city of Haifa Israel.2 ….You

have not been able to even feed yourself

since I began my career in ’74 in a post-

secondary education sector Downunder

in Australia, & you could not talksince

I moved to Western Australia in remote

Pilbara in ’85…….How do you do it....

Stephen?......Really, how do you do it?


1 Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time, Bantam Dell Pub. Co, 1988. It has sold 10 million copies.

2 In the letter of 30 April 1987 from the Universal House of Justice, while Hawking was writing his book on the subject of time, it was announced to the international Baha’i community that  “the way was now open for the Bahá'í world to erect the remaining buildings of its Administrative Centre” at this climacteric of human history.

Ron Price

8 June 2011



married for 46 years, a teacher for 35, a writer and editor for 14, and a Baha'i for 54(n 2013)

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Les Endrei
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Thanks for sharing this with me Ron. You are a good friend and teacher

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